Billy Kroes

A web developer and local of Lansing, MI.


Custom Work-Flow Tools

Businesses need to track a lot of things, and usually that means a lot of manual data entry, usually by someone trained to do it. This can be a huge labor cost, and is often less effective than a software solution. A simple, handcoded tool, allowing for data entry or imports can make mundane tasks much simpler.


Website Construction

Need a website designed and built? I'd love to do it for you. Sites like WIX or SquareSpace can be a good solution if you can budget the time learning the software and creating it, but drag-and-drop website designs look like drag and drop website designs, and they don't always make it easy to switch providers. I can design and customize your website, and give you the tools to extend it, or take it elsewhere should you decide to.


Want to do it yourself, but having trouble with design or assets? I'd be happy to make a few graphics for decoration, branding, or visual aids. For examples, the graphic aids on this site are handmade.


I know a good deal about free software, and software and image licensing. I know about developing, designing and hosting websites and software. Feel free to come to me for advice.


Do you have a design, or want one, but need pictures, fonts, icons or other assets which you know you can legally use? I can probably find something to suit your needs, or warn you that you could run into trouble with the licensing of your current assets. I can also tell you if a software license is compatible with your use (i.e. Can my business use a certain software under their "free" license, can I use code from XYZ software on github to create my software?)

Free Software Alternatives

If you need or want a software, but don't want to pay outrageous service fees, don't fear! There are often free alternatives to popular services and tools. I can hunt one down for you, or tell you if it doesn't exist. If it does exist, I am happy to read about them, and provide a detailed list of features and potential drawbacks.

Extended-life Computer Support

It can be expensive to replace computer infrastructure every few years. I can diagnose problems, recommend cheap fixes, or offer alternative Operating Systems or software which will put less strain on old computers.